August 25–28th

927 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles


72U Opens Pop-Up Art Exhibit
Starring the Avocado  

In reaction to America’s on-going love affair with the avocado, 72andSunny’s in-house creative residency, 72U, has opened a 2,000 sq. ft. art exhibit that explores the absurdity of the fruit’s objectification and fetishization in culture, titled Desired.


Through a series of interactive installations and art pieces, Desired examines the commodification of common goods into status symbols, by focusing on America’s favorite fruit -- the avocado. In the 1990s, the average American ate about 1.5 pounds of avocados a year; in 2012, the average American ate 5 pounds. In the 1990s, Americans ate avocados. In 2016, Americans eat, drink, bake, pickle, freeze, grill, stuff and even wear avocados. Following its ascent from its roots in Mexico to its current status as a cultural icon, due in part to the rise of social media, the art exhibit will feature a 10-foot, oversized avocado as a symbolic statement on the fruit’s abnormal growth in popularity, a diverse collection of avocados from different Los Angeles neighborhoods, and avocado erotica that takes a literal interpretation of food porn.  


The exhibit will also include a concept store (a term for stores featuring products with a singular centralized theme), titled “Cado,” that will showcase a curated display of avocados for sale alongside branded street-style apparel with visuals sourced from the exhibit’s Instagram, @cado_la


“Our culture has somehow elevated the avocado to be a luxury fruit,” says 72U Director Maria Scileppi. “Desired is equal parts an immersive experience and a social commentary that invites us to think of how our society can turn anything and everything -- people, animals, fruit -- into a celebrity.”   


Desired comes in a long line of experiential projects from 72U and 72andSunny, including BØRNS: Lucid Candy, an interactive music experience with singer-songwriter BØRNS, the Venice Pop Up Park, a community space that was created through crowd-sourced insights from locals, Google’s Made with Code Holiday Lights where girls coded over 1 million unique designs on holiday trees on the White House lawn, and Totino’s “Bucking Couch Bowl” that featured a couch-turned-mechanical-bull controlled by Twitch users.


Desired is open to the public Thursday, August 25 to Sunday, August 28 from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at 927 S. Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90021. RSVP required.



About 72U

72U is 72andSunny’s 12-week creative residency focused on personal and professional growth through collaboration and experimentation. 72U is comprised of 6-7 multidisciplinary individuals who experiment at the intersection of art, culture and technology. The program is an iterative process and each session is redesigned based on the team’s unique interests, skill sets and current cultural landscape. To apply for the next 72U session, visit

Participants this Session

Andrew Kleindolph     Alexander Schreer    Leon Butler  

Megan Baldwin   Maria Piessis   Sara Meinecke   Javier Aranega





A destination for the exceptional avocado.


CADO was founded on the belief that if it feels good - you should do it better. For some, the avocado is just a fruit. For us, it is an obsession that holds the potential to elevate the most humble objects, tastes, and moments. Therefore when it comes to your avocado, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience - one that adds a level of taste and richness that feels as indulgent as the fruit itself.
Was it good for you?



Erotica Film

Did you like that? Desired takes food porn to an erotic extreme through charged doses of sensory stimulation: the hit of flesh, the strike of a match, the interplay of sexualized bodies. Removed from time and space, the film aims to create a visceral experience that is both a commentary on and reaction to our understanding of lust. Together we watch as two bodies get lost in an intimate moment, consumed by passion for something that is greater than themselves. To be fully consumed, it’s the essence of desire.

Sound Installation

Something feels hard. Is it you? Or me. Why don’t you touch it then? Fondle is an interactive sound installation that manipulates the senses of touch and sound to explore what it means to seek out pleasure. Through the use of recorded tracks and a touch-sensitive interface, the installation makes the familiar act of picking up an avocado sound intensely intimate and feel slightly uncomfortable. Go ahead and give it a hand job.



10 FT Sculpture

When did the avocado get so damn big? With a nod to pop art, Americado creates an absurd portrait of the fruit that begs for closer inspection. Scaled to reflect the bumpy berry’s massive growth in popularity, the ‘larger than life’ wall-mounted piece is as much a caricature of our culture’s taste for supersized everything as it is a photo opportunity without obvious story. Size definitely matters.

Pleasure Principle
Sex Toy Exhibit

What gets you off? Pleasure Principle presents a selection of sex toys for those who like it raw. Culinary companions, the included objects of desire offer a look at the perverse lengths to which we will go in the name of pleasure and aim to provoke a conversation around how our culture approaches vice. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.


City of Avocados
Exhibit of Local Avocados

City of Avocados offers viewers an opportunity to confront geographical biases. The curated avocados was collected and curated over a four day span from locations across LA as a tangible visualization of our own preconceptions about place. At first sight, the avocados share many things in common and in some instances may even be from the same tree or grower. However in choosing to reveal only the store and neighborhood from which the fruit was plucked, the exhibit challenges our perception of quality. How do we judge an item from a corner store in a poor neighborhood as compared with a biodynamic avocado from an affluent one? 


Spice Rack
Adult Bookstore

Are all fetishes created equal? It’s easy to think that some are better for you than others. Some centerfolds more appetizing. Some obsessions more socially acceptable. But whether it’s tits or pits - it’s lit. The Spice Rack juxtaposes erotica from the past and present, visualizing how our kitchens are the new erogenous zone. Slice, slice, baby.